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Antonio Tellez,
Sabate, Guerilla Extraordinary

ISBN 1 870 133 00 5
This book tells of the life and action of anarchist guerilla Francisco Sabate in the struggle against Franco’s dictatorship, until he was killed in 1960. It shows the many ways in which it is possible to strike the enemy no matter what form it takes, so is still of great validity today.


Midnight Notes,
Strange Victories.
The anti-nuclear movement in the US and Europe
ISBN 1 870 133 01 3
An interesting analysis of the anti-nuclear movement, it looks at its composition, lack of class analysis and the question of violence, opening a much-needed debate on struggle and organisation against the nuclear project within that of capital as a whole.


The Angry Brigade,
Documents and Chronology

ISBN 1 870 133 02 1
Shows some extent of the armed struggle that was carried out in Britain in the late sixties and early seventies, reproposing the validity of armed attack against capital in all its forms.

Download The Angry Brigade as a pdf


Peter Kropotkin,
The Conquest of Bread

Introduction by Alfredo M. Bonanno
ISBN 1 870 133 13 X
One of the fundamental classics of anarchism, its validity today lies in Kropotkin’s vision of the revolutionary project as a totality, something that would be impossible if it were not already in act. Within this totality the movement finds its orientation, becomes both process and project in the immense task of the class struggle between exploiter and exploited. All that would be impossible if the final dream had not really begun here and now.


Oswaldo Bayer, Severino di Giovanni
Anarchism and Violence

ISBN 1 870 133 04 8
The figure of Severino Di Giovanni and his activities in Argentina in the ’20s highlights a problem that has divided the anarchist movement from the beginning?that of revolutionary action against the State. The narrative form and documented accounts supply the reader with both a knowledge of this anarchist and the little known period in which he lived and carried on his struggle.


Peter Kropotkin,
The Great French Revolution Vols I & II

Introduction by Alfredo M. Bonanno
ISBN 1 870 133 05 6
£3.95 each
A fundamental interpretation that provides us with a number of observations of great relevance as Kropotkin ties his interpretation of the Revolution to the continuous stream of popular action which he sees as having begun before the Revolution itself.
In the second volume he concentrates on the clash between the Jacobins and their opponents, the Enragés and the Anarchists. It is in this clash between authoritarians and antiauthoritarians that Kropotkin identifies the origins of Marxism and Leninism.


Alfredo M. Bonanno
From Riot to Insurrection
ISBN 1 870 133 08 0
The riots of the future will be more bloody and terrible. And they will be even more so when transformed into mass insurrections. And just as industrial conditions once made the syndicalist struggle reasonable, in a post-industrial perspective the only possible strategy for anarchists is the informal one. Groups of anarchists who come together with precise objectives based on intermediate aims, who are at the same time building the minimal conditions for transforming situations of simple riot into those of insurrection.

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