the London Rebel History Calendar


..a little project we started back in 2013... about a month before xmas, we had this idea... a calendar, remembering radical, subversive and rebellious anniversaries for every day of the year... all from London's turbulent past. Part of the point being to illustrate how every day is a moment of struggle, of change... But also that the 'great moments'., the revolutions and famous faces, are only a part of a continuous process, going back hundreds of years, that links us, fighting to change our own lives, with movements, uprisings, ideas of the past.
Also - it was fun to create!

Took a bit of work, admittedly. Specially finding the last seven or eight dates. But it went down very well, so much so that we decided to make it an annual fixture. A whole new set of dates each year obviously... And limited to things that went down in London, or at least within the M25 (I mean it'd be too easy otherwise).

you can have a look at our last few years' calendars:

2014 Calendar

2015 Calendar

2016 Calendar

2017 Calendar

2018 Calendar

Due to circumstances beyond our control... 2019 did not take place...

2020 Calendar



NB: The pages and links are a work in progress, we are adding to them but not all links will work - yet...

We're always looking for some dates, all contributions welcome; drop us a line with your suggestions. We hope to make it make it a more collective production over the years...


Without a doubt the Calendar owes great dollops of inspiration to other folk that went before us:
The Calendar Riots, Wor Diary, Daily Bleed, Nerve's Love, Hope, and Resistance Calendar and many more...