some other radical history groups, libraries and archives, and other people we feel we share some common ground with

This is just the start of a list, based initially around groups or sites located around or dealing with 'historical matters', and either linking them with activist or subversive goings on today, or with some form of 'radical' perspective... plus other folk we like. We don't agree on everything with everyone listed here, but interesting materials and ideas can be found there. Let us know if you'd like to be added to the list...

Bristol Radical History Group
The guvnors... Mixing history, ideas and downright riotousness: where others fear to tread.

Wor Diary
Excellent day to day diary listing radical events and anniversaries for every day of the year from England's North East, as well as walking tours and videos...

Kate Sharpley Library
Longrunning anarchist history archive and publishers.
BM Box Hurricane, London WC1N 3XX

Nottingham and Notts Radical History Group
A great local group...
They are linked to the Sparrows Nest Library & Archive
Resources for anarchist education and history , part of a Notts Centre for anarchist culture and education. Write to: Box AF, The Sumac Centre, 245, Gladstone St, Nottingham, NG7 6HX.

Legendary blog coming out of South London: music, rebel history, politics...

History is made at night
The politics of dancing and musicking

East End History Walks
Historical walks in London's East End, concentrating on migrant communities and radical movements that they created. Run regular 'Radical Jewish East End' and 'Anti-Fascist Footprints' walks.

56a Info shop
Anarchist Social Centre, with bookshop, squat info, records, zines, book exchange. Has a massive archive of anarchist, feminist, and other radical printed materials going back decades.

Working Class Movement Library
A collection of working class and labour movement history going back 250 years.
51, The Crescent, Salford M5 4WX

Socialist History Society
Socialist and Labour history from a marxist and 'broadly left' perspective. Formerly the Communist Party History Group, though now independent of all parties.
The Secretary, SHS, 50 Elmfield Road, Balham, London SW17 8AL

Lewisham '77
Remembering and reflecting on the 'Battle of Lewisham' in August 1977, when a mobilisation by the far-right National Front in South East London was met by mass opposition.

Remembering Olive Collective
Commemorating the life of Brixton black rebel Olive Morris and linking her memory to wider historical currents in the 1960s-70s: black power, feminism, squatting and more...
c/o Lambeth Women's project, 166a Stockwell Road, London, SW9 9TQ

Nerve/Catalyst Media
Magazine/website of organisation promoting grassroots arts & culture on Merseyside" site features their brill 'Merseyside Resistance Calendar'.
Catalyst Creative Media, 1st Floor, 96 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4HY
email: catalystmedia(at)

Remembering and honouring the Luddite struggle of 1811-12, and strengthening the contemporary technology politics movement, by discussing the lessons that the Luddite uprising can teach us.

Southwark Notes
Whose regeneration? Regeneration and Gentrification in Southwark, South London.
Chartism, the Chartist movement and the People's Charter: Chartist history resourcs for family historians, social historians and political historians.

The London Nobody Sings
A site dedicated to songs about London. As simple as that. The only rules are that the songs must be brilliant and that the blindingly obvious numbers are excluded.

The Radical History of Hackney
An archive of radical publications, scanned in when time allows, relating to the rebellious history of one of London's most troublesome, uppity and generally insurgent boroughs.

Hackney Housing History Project
An oral history project connecting up past and present housing campaigns and experiences in Hackney...

William Cuffay blog
A great Australian blog on the life of Chartist rebel William Cuffay, who was transported for plotting revolution in 1848 but continued his radical activities down under.

York's Alternative History
A new site from a newish group, hoing to create a space where York's histories of activism, protest and radicalism can be shared and debated. "A history developed by all of us."

A fascinating blog which has set out to investigate the old no-go area of London known as Alsatia, and other similar ‘outlaw’ areas, their history, context and meanings.

Breviary Stuff
An independent publisher of radical history, working class history, history from below.

History Workshop
Online incarnation of veteran radical history network.

Women's History Month
March is Women's History Month... Rejecting the male-centric view of history with events, discussions and more from a feminist perspective.

People's History Month
...whereas these folk have nominated May as People's History Month, focussing on English popular history... the website is really embryonic, there are many things which are not on there yet. So please be patient, and suggestions and participation are welcome.

Alliance of Radical Booksellers
The recently reborn UK network of radical bookshops and other outlets for radical publications.

Freethought History Research Group
Studying and celebrating historical atheists, anti-religious campaigners and freethinking secularists.

Northern Radical History Network
A netowrk of groups and individuals interested in, and engaged in discussing and investigating, radical history in the North of England.

Mary Quaile Club
Regular discussions in Salford on working class history and its links with contemporary political issues facing working people in Tory Britain.

Red Flag Walks
Taking radical history into the streets of Manchester

Unfinished Histories
Recording the history of Alternative Theatre, 1968 -88, through interviews and the collecting of archive material.

Radical Glasgow
Funky anarchist website with lots of Glasgow's great rebellious history.

LGBT history Blog
An occasional blog of our activities for theL esbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Project.

See Red Women's Workshop
Covering the history of a groundbreaking feminist silk-screen poster collective working in London, 1974-1990

Stand Up and Spit: Tim Wells great blog dedicated to the ranting poetry of the 1980s.

Rebel Dykes: A rabble-rousing documentary and associated project, set in post-punk 1980s London about a community of dykes who met doing music, art, politics and sex and went on to change their world

Working Class Movement Library: A museum and library collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, archives and artefacts, relating to the development of the political and cultural institutions of the working class created by the Industrial Revolution, in Salford, Greater Manchester.