Some rambles through radical London

Some we devised, some we nicked

‘Dung, Guts and Blood’

A wander up the lower reaches of London’s Fleet River 



'Zone of Transition'

A radical history walk around Spitalfields and Brick Lane 



Radical Deptford and New Cross

During the 2001 Mayday Festival of Alternatives Neil Gordon-Orr led a merry dance round this South East London heartland, braving threats from dodgy Millwall fans, occasional monsoons and the A2. A walk bursting with rebellion.




'A Shabby London Suburb?'

A walk around the radical & working class history of Hammersmith 

From the legendary West London Anarchists & Radicals, first walked in May 2001.




A walk down the New River

A map and some notes on North London's New River, (not new, and not a river!) and some of the radical spots it flows by.
AA companion piece to this article on it's history, water use in the early modern city, PFIs and more...

First wandered by us July 2006, recently updated (2022)



Bloomsbury Hidden Ourstories

In April 2006 we ranbled around Bloomsbury, and discussed its radical past, with barely a mention of literary nonsense.

We've split this into two walks for ease of walking and thematic dynamics, as things had got very long:


A Wander in Bohopia:

A Radical History Walk around Bloomsbury Part One

Virtue Among Equals:

Bloomsbury Radical Herstory, Part Two


But: here's the original shorter route from 2006




'Rare Doings at Camberwell'

A Wander around some of the radical history of London SE5 

First walked in June 2006.



Common Land and Squatting in London Fields, Hackney : A Historical Wander

A walk created in July 2011, around London Fields and Central Hackney...

A start towards mapping squatting over the whole borough?



Notes Towards a Women's Walking Tour of the East End

Gratuitously reprinted from Spare Rib and Our Sisters London