Some thoughts on gentrification & resistance to gentrification in Brixton, with historical digressions, experiences,
      and some ranting...

A totally free pamphlet!


• Stealing The Commons
A Brief Introduction to the Politics of Open Space, Enclosure and Resistance in London

A free booklet revealing just a glimpse of the history of open space in London, its uses for recreation, work, rowdy gatherings and subversive celebrations, and recounting the attempts by landowners and authorities to enclose common land, repress unruly culture of the city's open spaces... and how Londoners fought back over the centuries.

Free Sheet... just a little pound for postage and packing...



• A Glimpse Into the history of Spa Fields

A free booklet handed out at 2016's Clerkenwell Festival, commemorating the unruly history of one of North London's oldest and most infamous open spaces.


• Down With the Austrian Butcher

A Vicious Military Man Gets What he Deserves, 1850.
free leaflet

The vicious Austrian General Haynau and what happened to him when he met the draymen of Bankside.



• The Southwark Pudding Wonder is Over

A past tense leaflet produced for Mayday 2002. The looting and scoffing of a huge pie by the slumdwellers of the Mint...




So these publications are free - except they're not. We're asking for a minumum amount to cover postage and packing. Only because although we'd love to produce everything for free, give it all away, post it out gratis, some *****heads invented money and wage slavery and all that shite, and people persist in charging us for paper, ink etc. The more we sell, the more we are able to produce, we have no rich aunties and so we have to be self-sufficient.